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‘Real’ Political Satire: ‘Sacred Sperm’ Amendment Follows Mandatory Rectal Exam Bill in Fight Against Absurd Anti-Abortion Laws

February 8, 2012


Unless you’re depositing that sperm inside an actual vagina (not one of those flashlight ones), you could be breaking the law, according to  proposed legislation by an Oklahoma state senator.Yes, that means no masturbation, no swallowing, and no cream pies, either, dammit, because every sperm is sacred. State Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma City attached […]

Out of Control Prison-Industrial Complex Slightly Helping Economy of Georgia Town

February 3, 2012


A few quick facts about the Georgia Department of Corrections: In Georgia, there are 52, 291 people locked up and 154, 988 on probation. Approximately 70% of the inmate population is black. Approximately 20% of people in Georgia prisons are in for a drug offense. A third of people serving probation(nearly 55,000) are doing so […]