About DSN

This website aims to provide a wide variety of news stories about the south. From the irreverent stories to the incredible scandals, Dirty South News will be on it.

If you would like to submit stories or ideas, please email us at dirtysouthnews (at) gmail(dot)com.

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  1. hey DSN i have become very intrested in knowing why and who is so caring and not jaudge ment of the florida sex sting that has been going i am one of those victims and looking for help i have spent my life savings $10k just to stay out and see my family and still a sex offender thats lives out of a hotel for the next how many years to come well please do reach out because i do take this very serous and looking to do many other thing about this such as a book etc and not to make money just to let others young people like my self not getting in the bs i am in now well catch you later thanks again DSN LOL


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