Nikki Haley – Welfare Queen, Censurs S.C. Newspaper for Outing Daughter’s Crony Job

Posted on July 25, 2012



Must be nice to be governor. You get to have the state pay all your bills. You get to give your husband a state-funded job. And you even get to give your 14-year old daughter a job on the state payroll. Oh – and if a newspaper decides to write about it, you can intimidate them into taking it down. That’s what South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, also known as the biggest welfare queen in America, has done.

The State newspaper published a story about Haley’s teenage daughter getting a cushy summer job in the statehouse gift shop. It may not sound like a big deal, but critics of the governor say it is just one more example on the long list of Haley-style cronyism and self-serving antics, despite selling herself as a cost-cutting budget slasher. In addition to her daughter’s job, says two other family members are getting state paychecks:

Rena Haley (he governor’s daughter) becomes the third member of the governor’s immediate family to get a government-funded job. Haley is paid $106,078 a year (not counting benefits) in her role, while her husband Michael is a “diversity officer” with the South Carolina National Guard who made more than $65,000 a year (not counting benefits) the last time we checked.

In addition to her immediate family, Haley’s brother-in-law Gunjit Singh was hired last summer by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as a “clinical assistant professor” in the school’s college of dental medicine.

With attention directed at Haley’s tendency to give her family members state-funded paychecks, the governor’s office tried to spin the story (still available in cache here) as an “attack” on a 14-year old girl that put her at risk.

“The State newspaper … should be ashamed for printing details of a 14 year-old’s life and whereabouts, against the wishes of her parents and the request of the chief of SLED, who is ultimately responsible for her security,” said Haley’s spokesman, Rob Godfrey. “We have nothing more to say.”

Haley herself went on Facebook to shame the newspaper:

Scrutiny of me comes with the territory of being governor. I expect it. But it’s a sad day for journalism in South Carolina when The State newspaper goes after my 14 year old daughter. Public officials have a right to expect that their minor children are off limits from political opponents and even from biased media outlets like The State. Its disgusting. Shame on them.

The spinning, in addition to a reported hone call from the governor’s office to the newspaper, is what led to the story being removed from The State’s website, according to the Free Times, who broke the story of the disappearing article.

Unfortunately, many of Haley’s Facebook friends were taken by the spun and appeared to have believed that the article was an attack on her daughter rather than the preferential and wasteful treatment she gives her family. Many comments were along the lines of “How dare that newspaper attack children” or “typical mainstream media liberals attacking children” and “only evil attacks children” – you get the message. But one guy had a brain, commenting thusly:

No, they’re going after your questionable hiring policies for your own family, despite you constantly screwing over the state you claim to represent. How typical for a politician such as yourself to misdirect actual intention.

And one other person said:

Exposing your nepotism isn’t an attack on your kid. It’s an attack on your hypocrisy.

While Haley gives her family taxpayer-funded jobs, South Carolina’s unemployment rate is 9.2%, higher than the national average. In addition to squandering scarce jobs, Haley’s priorities are clearly misguided: earlier this month, she tried to veto a bill that would have overturned approximately $400,000 for rape crisis centers in the state. Luckily for South Carolinians, the rest of the state legislature had some heart and they unanimously voted to overturn the veto, 110-0.