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Dallas Police Shoot Unarmed Man After Cop Chasing Suspect Became ‘Tired’

July 25, 2012


The Dallas Police Department has admitted that one of their own has shot and killed an unarmed man because he was “tired,” while expressing no remorse because the murdered man was “a drug dealer, basically.” That’s how DPD chief David Brown described James Harper, 31, who was shot and killed by officer Brian Rowden. According […]

Nikki Haley – Welfare Queen, Censurs S.C. Newspaper for Outing Daughter’s Crony Job

July 25, 2012


  Must be nice to be governor. You get to have the state pay all your bills. You get to give your husband a state-funded job. And you even get to give your 14-year old daughter a job on the state payroll. Oh – and if a newspaper decides to write about it, you can […]

Alabama: Cops Murder Dog During Drug Raid, Owner Fights for Change via Facebook

July 24, 2012


  The murdering of dogs during drug raids unfortunately a common occurrence. But after a 3-year old golden retriever was gunned down during a raid that turned up nothing more than a little bit of marijuana and a bong, the dog’s owner is using Facebook to bring attention to the issue. On July 20, police […]

Savannah Dietrich: Kentucky Girl Faces Jail Time for Exposing Men Who Sexually Assaulted Her

July 23, 2012


It sounds crazy, but it’s true. In Kentucky, a 17-year old sexual assault victim faces jail time for publicly naming via Twitter the boys who sexually assaulted her and distributed pictures of the attack one year ago. Savannah Dietrich of Louisville told the Courier Journal that she believed a plea deal given to the boys […]