Out of Control Prison-Industrial Complex Slightly Helping Economy of Georgia Town

Posted on February 3, 2012


A few quick facts about the Georgia Department of Corrections:

In Georgia, there are 52, 291 people locked up and 154, 988 on probation.

Approximately 70% of the inmate population is black.

Approximately 20% of people in Georgia prisons are in for a drug offense.

A third of people serving probation(nearly 55,000) are doing so for a drug offense.

All of this incarceration and probation costs Georgia taxpauers nearly one billion dollars every year.

However, despite the incredible waste of money and the outright assault on human rights, Georgia, which has the 4th highest incarceration rate despite having only the 9th highest population, WSAV-TV is happy to let you know that a few people are able to get jobs in what is one of the biggest prison-industrial complex scams in the country:

(Millen, GA) The economy is pretty much all they talk about in Millen.

That’s in Jenkins County, where the unemployment rate is 17% — the third highest in all of Georgia, and one of the hardest hit counties in the nation.

During my visit to Millen in November I met people applying for jobs at the new Jenkins Correctional Center.
Corrections Corporation of America told me today that right now, 100 applicants have accepted jobs there.
Those positions include correctional officers, health care workers, case managers, and other professional fields…

These are the first 50 cadets who completed the mandatory Georgia Basic Correctional Officer Training.

Warden Kemp and Wilson Hall, Assistant Director of Georgia’s Training Academy presented certificates to the graduates.
The correctional center will be staffed by about 85 percent of people who live in Jenkins County.

“We only wish that we had more that we can offer, but 200 plus jobs in Jenkins County will be great, help out folks here in Jenkins County a lot,” says Warden Kemp.

More than 1,000 people applied for jobs.  100 positions still have to be filled.  A formal dedication ceremony for the Jenkins Correctional Center is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th.

In Georgia, it’s clear: more prison means more jobs for “folks here in Jenkins County” and more profit for private prison corporations. Even the local news pumps it up, so people can feel that as long as jobs are being created, who cares if extreme amounts of money is wasted and people’s rights are being trampled on?

In another article, titled “Jenkins County Gets Jobs,” it was reported that the town’s mayor had been working on this deal for 4 years and is “relieved.”

The Jenkins facility is CCA’s 6th facility in Georgia, which means the for profit prison corporation now runs about 18% of Georgia’s prisons. That’s 18% of a billion dollar industry.


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