Oklahoma Archbishop Would Rather Take Away Health Care for Everybody than Give Women Access to Birth Control

Posted on February 3, 2012


As of Jan. 20, the Obama health care mandate requires employers, including religious groups, to provide coverage for their employees by 2014. This includes Catholic-affiliated groups who are angry because health care coverage must include contraception and, well, like most Christian organizations, anything that is a benefit to women must be a bad thing that they want no part of.

That’s why celibate Catholic leaders are speaking out and using words like “unconstitutional” and “federal government intrusion” now that they have to provide women with birth control, which for some make-believe reason goes against their beliefs. And in Oklahoma, Most Revered Paul S. Coakley is leading the southern Catholic charge against to keep the Catholic Church’s female employees oppressed.

“Fundamentally, it is an assault on religious liberty and the right of conscience,” Coakley said, according to the Oklahoman.

“We are asked through the mandate — required by the mandate — to pay for something which we find morally objectionable and contrary to our religious beliefs and teachings.”

Coakley said that unless this mandate is removed, an organization that has covered up untold amount of child rape and molestation cases and spent over $2 billion in compensation to some of its victims will take away health care for everybody rather than pay for insurance that allows access to birth control pills.

“Unless the rule is overturned,” Coakley said, “we Catholics must be prepared either to violate our consciences or to drop health care coverage for our employees and suffer the penalties for doing so.”

So there you have it – the Catholic Church argues that providing health care for women is a violation of their First Amendment rights, but they don’t bother to complain that 67% of their funding comes from the government tax revenue, meaning that any American who does not wish to contribute to the Catholic Church is having their First Amendment rights violated.

Oh well, I guess it makes sense that the Catholic Church would be so vehement about making sure women keep getting pregnant – they have to keep that young boy supply coming, right?


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