Hero Cop in Rockwall, TX Saves Two Girls from Drowning in 6 Feet of Water

Posted on February 1, 2012


I can be critical of cops, but when they do something right, I applaud them. Sure, it’s not as fun as criticizing, but that’s only because applauding anybody who makes more money than me, gets better health benefits, AND has the ability to give me tickets and a bullet in the head without consequences (most likely) is not as fun as criticizing them.

But I digress.

And here’s the point of this post – a video of a cop in Rockwall, Texas. saving two girls from a car they drove into the city’s Lake Ray Hubbard:

Bravo, officer! Bravo!

However, not to be a cop ass kiss party-pooper, but is the cop’s “heroics” not a tad bit exaggerated, only because the girls were, well, a little stupid? Not to be mean to the nice gals, but a) they drove into a lake, and b) by the looks of the video, it doesn’t look like they weren’t in very deep. The cop was able to walk up and pull them out without all the way underwater.

“They’re screaming ‘Help me! Help me! And also telling me at the same time, ‘I can’t swim,'” said Officer Kevin Rowan, according to AOL. Basically, these girl were about to drown in around 6 feet of water – and the water was shallow enough for them to tell the cop they can’t swim.

Ok, maybe the doors were stuck, the girl in shock, whatever. Either way, good thing Rowan isn’t a midget.

Also, while Rowan is playing hero, why is his partner just hanging out watching? Two women on the verge of drowning in their car is not important enough for him to get wet, too? What was he doing? Is there a cop protocol that says only one cop can jump in a lake at a time? Even if that s the case, as a former Rockwall resident (Rowlett to be precise – but they’re right next door to each other and exactly the same), I can say with 100% certainty that there were several cop car units within a mile doing absolutely nothing. They could have come with towels if Rowan’s partner was worried about catching a cold or something. But maybe he couldn’t swim either and didn’t want to add to Rowan’s hero resume.

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