Texas 8th Grader with Gun at School Shot and Killed By Police

Posted on January 4, 2012


An eight-grader at a Brownsville, TX. middle school was shot and killed by police after he “engaged” them and refused down a gun.

Shortly after class started on Wednesday morning, a teacher noticed that the boy – as yet unnamed – was in possession of a gun. Police were immediately called and, according to school officials, “engaged” the police at the scene. The boy was then shot three times and died at the hospital, reported the Brownsville Herald.

It is still unknown if the boy fired any shots during the “engagement” and Brownsville police Detective J.J. Trevino said the incident is still under investigation to determine exactly what happened and how the boy came in possession of the gun.

After the shooting, students were evacuated from the building and taken to a nearby park where their parents were told to pick them up, reported the Washington Post.

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