Mississippi State WR Chad Bumphis Arrested for ‘Drunk and Disorderly Conduct,’ Claims He Was Attacked in Bar

Posted on January 2, 2012


Miss. State WR Chad Bumphis, 22, was arrested by Tupelo police on New Year’s Day at a downtown Tupelo bar. Although police claimed he was drunk and disorderly, the MSU star says he was doing nothing but posing for pictures when all of a sudden bottle started flying at his head.

“I’m putting on for y’all and still got haters n my own city!!!” Bumphis tweeted. “It’s crazy how life works.”

According to the Northeast Mississippi Journal, the incident was a “big group fight” in which several people were arrested, including Bumphis:

Sgt. Rodricus Hurst said Bumphis, a former Tupelo High School standout, was involved in a “big group fight” at the Atlanta Bar & Grill in downtown Tupelo, and several other people were arrested. Hurst said Bumphis got hit in the neck by a glass bottle and suffered a cut, but that he did not injure anybody.

Bumphis insists he  act disorderly and has tweeted his claims to innocence.
“I do want the bulldog nation to know I did nothing wrong,” he tweeted shortly after being released on a $700 bond. “I’m taking picture with fans and apparently it make people mad.”
He added: “Im taking pictures with fans an get attacked with bottles. Ask anyone who was there, they know! But its all good. Ill bounce back!! #IDoThis
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