Alabama: If You Have 5 Gallons of Beer In Your Car, You Can Go to Jail

Posted on December 31, 2011


If this guy is in Alabama, he could be facing some hard time.

Alabama police put what could have been an awesome party on hold when they arrested a woman for having too much beer in her car and not paying the state taxes on it.

Gloria Crisantes Salazar had 15 cases of Bud Light 40-ounce bottles – well over 100 gallons –  in her car when she crossed state lines by driving from Tennessee to Alabama. But her crime was not buying horrible beer (although it should have been). According to the Athens News-Courier, Salazar broke the law in three ways:

• Transporting untaxed alcohol into Alabama; the state collects 2 percent of the purchase price;

• Transporting more than 5 gallons of alcohol in her vehicle, which is a felony punishable by one to six years in prison;

• Transporting alcohol in the cab of the vehicle rather than in the trunk.

Sheriff Mike Blakely of Athens. Ala., said that Salazar could have been charged with a felony, but was “only” charged with a misdemeanor for ” transporting of prohibited liquor” into a dry county.

“If you buy alcohol in a wet jurisdiction and transport it into a dry county — which includes all unincorporated areas of Limestone County — then it must be in the trunk and it can only be one case of beer or two fifths of liquor,” Blakely said.

In other words, if you have to drive through a dry county in Alabama, it’s hard to throw a decent party.