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Have Sex, Not War: Alabama Sex Shop Offering ‘Toys for Guns’

February 11, 2012


If your gun isn’t working anymore this Valentine’s Day, trade it in for a dildo. That’s what one Alabama sex shop is hoping local residents will do as it offers a “Toys for Guns’ special that will offer sex toys in exchange for unwanted firearms. “This is my contribution to making love, not war, here […]

‘Real’ Political Satire: ‘Sacred Sperm’ Amendment Follows Mandatory Rectal Exam Bill in Fight Against Absurd Anti-Abortion Laws

February 8, 2012


Unless you’re depositing that sperm inside an actual vagina (not one of those flashlight ones), you could be breaking the law, according to¬† proposed legislation by an Oklahoma state senator.Yes, that means no masturbation, no swallowing, and no cream pies, either, dammit, because every sperm is sacred. State Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma City attached […]

Walmart Tears Out Pigs’ Testicles and Tortures Them for Their Entire Lives So You Can Have Cheap Porkchops

February 6, 2012


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) sent undercover investigators into two pig-breeding facilities in Oklahoma. What they found was the systematic abuse of animals that includes tearing off baby piglets’ testicles without any form of anesthesia who are then forced to live an entire life inside a cage barely big enough for their […]

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